Test kit PCB in soil pocket colorimeter II

Товар #: 2773400

Single wavelength (generic) Pocket Colorimeter™ II instruments measure absorbance at a fixed wavelength. The Pocket Colorimeter II offers accuracy and reproducibility comparable to expensive lab instruments, but is designed for a long working life in harsh conditions. A long-lasting LED is used as the light source, and low power requirements assure long battery life. Just four buttons allow easy operation. Create and store one or two calibrations for use in your own application. No manual calibration is ever required. Simply zero the instrument with a blank, insert the reacted sample, and read the result. The IP67 rating means the Pocket Colorimeter II will resist the elements and still function properly. A tough, impact-resistant shell protects the electronics and optics. It weighs only 0.2 kg—about a half pound.

  • Simple as ever
  • Waterproof, IP67 rated
  • Large, backlit display and data logging
  • Accurate, reproducible measurements
  • Backlit display