Test kit, copper (free & total) color disc, model CU-6

Товар #: 2194100

Copper may exist in natural waters and effluents as a soluble salt or as suspended solids. A small amount is essential for plants and animals, and concentrations exceeding 0.1 mg/L are useful for controlling algae and plankton growth. Quantities ranging from 0.02 to 0.1 mg/L are toxic for some fish, so its use for treating fish disease requires careful monitoring. This kit is USEPA-accepted for waste water and potable water and approved by some states for potable water under specific conditions (Check with your regulatory agency). Range: 0.1-5 mg/L; Contains 50 Free and 50 Total tests.

  • Simple, low-cost color disc method is the most accurate visual test kit method
  • Kit contains all required reagents and apparatus in a rugged carrying case for analysis in the field