Test kit, chromium color disc, model CH-12, 0.1-1.5 mg/L, 50Cr6+50T tests

Товар #: 222800

Color Disc Kits - Single Parameter

Widely used as a corrosion inhibitor in cooling towers and engine cooling systems, chromium is also used in surface finishing, leather tanning, and other industries. The most widely used form, hexavalent chromium, is very toxic and strict limits are placed on discharges.
Method/Chemistry: Color disc. Range (mg/L): 0-1.5. Smallest Increment (mg/L): 0.1. Approx. Number of Tests: 50 Cr6+.
Method/Chemistry: Diphenylcarbazide/Hypobromite oxidation. Number of Tests: 50 T **. Case Style: 12x7.25x4.5 inches Blue Polypropylene Carrying Case.