SIGMA SD 900 Портативный пробоотборник, полиэтиленовый флакон 1л (24шт.), аккумулятор

SIGMA SD 900 Портативный пробоотборник, полиэтиленовый флакон 1л (24шт.), аккумулятор
Товар #: SD900P.99.11511

Easy to operate, with intuitive user guidance

implified keypad with intuitive icons and scrolling menu of the Hach Sigma SD900 Active Cooling Sampler assures easy setup. The large 5-line transreflective LED backlit display is readable in bright or subdued lighting.

Reduced maintenance through spring-mounted peristaltic pump

Worried about replacing tubing? The peristaltic pump with spring loaded rollers reduces pump tubing wear and prevent pump jams. The life time of pump tubing is 20,000 cycles compared to 1000 cycles on other samplers.

Fast programming and updates by computer

Do you need samples to meet local regulations of 24 x hourly mixed / daily mixed sample?
We offer unique options of 1 x 25 litre PE and 1 X 20 litre glass with an active cooled sampler base.

Repeated rinsing avoids cross-contamination

The compact, weather-proof housing polyethylene plastic ensures failure-free operation over many years even in extremely corrosive applications.

Acccurate sampling for correct analysis

The Sigma SD900 Portable Active cooling sampler comes with an integrated cooling machine which includes an autarktic temperature control for accurate temperature controlled sample conservation.


Объем пробы: Программируемый с шагом 10 мл в диапазоне от -
Рассеянный свет: .88 m/s (2.9 ft/s) to a vertical lift of 4.6m (15ft), with a 4.8m (16ft) long, .95cm (3/8”) vinyl suction tube. 2°C at sea level
  Не менее (28 фт) высота закачивания по виниловой заборной трубке длиной 8,84 м (29 фт) диаметром 3/8 дюйма на уровне моря при температуре от 20 до 25 °C