Polymetron 9240 Анализатор натрия (мульти), 0–10000 миллиардных долей с версией установки, одноканальный

Товар #: Z09240=A=0001

Low level sodium measurement in high purity water.

One channel Standard version with panel. Measuring range 0 - 10000 ppb (detection limit 0.01 ppb).
The easy to install sodium analyser integrates one to four channels to optimise rinsing sequences. Set up is managed through the readily accessible controller that has clear messages guiding the user through menus and sub menus. The analyser uses an auto-adapted rinsing sequence with a cycle time of 10 or more minutes.
To maintain optimum response time, even in systems of continuous low sodium concentration, the analyser provides automatic electrode reactivation. Reactivation uses non-hazardous chemicals and eliminates the need for manual reactivation or electrode etching.

  • Low maintenance
  • Automatic electrode reactivation optimises operation and response time
  • Easy to operate and maintain with automatic calibration
  • Data and diagnostics