HQ11D Digital pH meter kit, pH Gel electrode, Std., 3m

HQ11D Digital pH meter kit, pH Gel electrode, Std., 3m
Товар #: HQ11D.99.103000
Brand: HACH

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Guides Тип Язык Размер Дата Выпуск
HQD Portable digital Electrochemistry
  English UK 3 MB 2011-01
Программное обеспечение/ встроенное программное обеспечение Тип Язык Размер Дата Выпуск
HQd Series Meter Data Transfer Utility V1
Data Transfer Utility allows transferring measurement data directly from your Hach HQd Series Meter to a computer. For use with all HQD instruments (HQ11D, HQ14D, HQ30D, HQ40D, HQ440D, HQ411D) - Portable and Laboratory models.
Only for computers running Microsoft® Windows® 7 and later operating systems.
Administrative privileges are required to install this application on your computer.
1. Save zip file on computer.
2. Extract zip file.
3. Run setup.exe
For further install information see readme.txt file included in the zip package and HQD User Manual.
  English US 738 KB 2017-08 V1.0
HQD Software Update v3.0.0.756
Current software for all HQD instruments (HQ11D, HQ14D, HQ30D, HQ40D, HQ440D, HQ411D, HQ430D) - portable and benchtop.
1. Save zip file on computer.
2. Extract zip file.
3. Save files to empty USB stick.
For further information see update instructions and HQD manual.
  English US, German, French, Italian, Spanish 1 MB 2018-09 v3.0.0.756
Руководства по эксплуатации Тип Язык Размер Дата Выпуск
Basic User Manual: HQd Portable Meter
  English UK, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Slovenian, Slovakian, Croatian, Greek, Macedonian 2 MB 2018-02 Oct17 Ed6
Basic User Manual: pHC101
  English UK, German, French, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Spanish, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Slovenian, Turkish, Slovakian 852 KB 2013-08 Ed 2
Instruction Sheet: PHC101-01 or PHC101-03 Probe
  English UK 139 KB 2006-05 Ed 3
Quick Reference Card - HQD System Features
  English UK 134 KB 2006-05 Ed 2
Quick Start Guide: HQD
  English UK, German, French, Italian, Spanish 474 KB 2009-06 Ed 1
User Manual: Gel-filled pH Probe - Model PHC10101, PHC10103, PHC10105, PHC10110, PHC10115 or PHC10130
  English UK 429 KB 2013-08 Ed 2
основен прирачник за корисникот: pHC101
  Macedonian, English UK 704 KB 2018-01 May13 Ed2
Указания по применению Тип Язык Размер Дата Выпуск
Electrochemistry Theory and Practice
  English US 3 MB 2018-12 Dec18 Ed3
Measure pH, conductivity, oxygen with HQD
  English UK 635 KB 2007-12 Dec07
pH measurement and temperature compensation
  English UK 141 KB 2013-11
Standardised Lab Equipment: Improving Quality Control for Chemical Production with the Hach Lab Family
  English UK 271 KB 2018-09 Mar18
Technical note pH measurement system
  English UK 183 KB 2013-11
Technical Note pH Trace Analysis (en)
  English UK 95 KB 2013-11
What is the difference between pH meters/probes offered as classic (analogue) or new digital (intelligent) version?
  English UK 207 KB 2013-11
Стандартизированное лабораторное оборудование: Улучшенный контроль качества на химических производствах благодаря лабораторной линейке Hach
  Russian 281 KB 2018-09 Mar18
брошюры Тип Язык Размер Дата Выпуск
HQD Цифровая электрохимия - Точные измерения pH, проводимости, ОВП, кислорода
  Russian 3 MB 2011-02
The best solution for accurate results in all applications - HQD meters and high performance pH electrodes
  English US 328 KB 2015-08 Aug15