Отрасль промышленности - Industrial Wastewater

Industrial Wastewater  

The end result is crucial.

Nowhere is this more true than in the case of industrial wastewater, as failure to identify issues can cost manufacturers in respect of discharge limits and unnecessary inefficiencies.
Hach has many years of experience working with industrial facilities to help them solve their unique wastewater challenges and has solutions specifically designed to meet the high demands associated with industrial wastewater.
Monitoring allows immediate identifcation of process changes that provide real-time information needed to keep the process running smoothly and efficiently.

With over 75 years' experience in laboratory and online water analysis, Hach can be relied upon to deliver the expertise and service that you need. Are you able to respond to changes in the influent, minimise product loss and make adjustments to treatment processes in real-time?


Minimise Process Downtime

The Hach BioTector B7000 online analyser offers a complete TOC measuring solution from sample preparation to outlet.

This analyser achieves precise results, even in the most demanding applications due to a patented self-cleaning oxidation technology that easily handles difficult samples and significantly reduces maintenance.

Phosphorus Removal

Typically in chemical Phosphorus removal, the flow weighted average Phosphate is used to set a static dose. This will lead to over and under dosing, leading to cost inefficiencies. Using real-time data to control dosing can significantly reduce the cost of chemical Phosphorus removal.

High precision process-photometer for the determination of the PO4-P content by vanadomolybdate yellow method. The measurement is using a photometer with automatic zero-compensation.

Nitrogen Removal

Knowing your  Ammonia levels with seasonal or daily fluctuations is critical to save you money and keep your plant running smoothly.  Improved performance, meeting compliance with strict ammonia limits, and chemical expenditure reductions are some of the major benefits that can be achieved from adopting real-time nutrient monitoring.

 AMTAX sc:  High precision process-instrument for the determination of ammonium in wastewater and activated sludge.
  • Fast 5 minute response time
  • Automatic cleaning and calibration
  • Extensive self-diagnosis
  • Wall, rail, or stand mountable

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Optimisation

Does your facility dose chemical based on flow rate? This can lead to wasted chemicals, increased hauling costs, and potentially fines. Our suspended solids sensors can help you dose based on solids concentration, optimising your chemical use and saving you money.

SOLITAX sc: High-precision process probe to determine turbidity and suspended solids. Colour independent method with a dual-beam infrared/scattered light photometer.
  • Colour-independent measurement of solids
  • No calibration
  • Excellent correlation to laboratory analysis
  • Proven cleaning system
  • Improve overall efficiency of the plant
Cost Savings From Efficient Aeration Control

If you are interested in lowering energy and maintenance costs, we have products with innovative luminescent technology to monitor dissolved oxygen and optimise your aeration control with minimal maintenance requirements.

LDO sc: Immersion or flow-through probe with optical luminescence measuring method. Calibration-free & drift-free.
  • Extremely reliable – 5 year warranty on probe
  • The optimised temperature sensor and the new 3D factory calibration make O2measurement even more accurate
  • No electrolyte or membrane changes necessary
  • Remote functions for simple and convenient data transfer via Internet and SMS
  • Constantly provides information on the current sensor status via PROGNOSYS early warning system