Certified Conductivity Standard Solution, 1015 µS/cm, 0.05% NaCl, 500 mL

Товар #: S51M004

Certified Standards offering full and internationally recognised traceability!

Certified Conductivity Standard Solution with Certificate of Conformity and Traceability* reporting exact conductivity value with related expanded uncertainty (k=2). Guaranteed shelf-life thanks to premium packaging. 0.05% Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Conductivity: 1015 µS/cm ±0.5% (k=2) at 25°C, 500 mL bottle.

  • Total Control of the traceability chain and calculated uncertainties
  • Direct traceability to primary standards and the reference method
  • The competence and integrity of a laboratory internationally recognized to be accredited for the measurement of pH and conductivity reference materials
  • GLP Right from the start and every day
  • Proven Traceability