Certified Buffer Standard Solution, IUPAC, pH 6.865, 500 mL

Товар #: S11M003

Certified Standards offering full and internationally recognised traceability!

pH Buffer IUPAC Standard Solution with Certificate of Conformity* and Traceability reporting exact pH buffer value with related expanded uncertainty (k=2). Traceable to IUPAC/NIST pH scale. Guaranteed shelf-life thanks to premium packaging. Colourless pH buffer solution. pH is 6.865 ±0.010 (k=2) at 25°C, 500 mL bottle.
*Available for download from www.hach.com: Support/Service, Certificate of Analysis menu using product part number and lot number.

  • Accredited Calibration Laboratory
  • Fully Traceable standards
  • Totally reliable packaging
  • GLP Right from the start and every day
  • Proven Traceability