LUMISTOX 300 Luminometer with automatic cuvette positioning

Товар #: LPV321

For luminescent bacteria tests according to DIN-EN-ISO 11348-1, -2, -3.
Integrated quality system: automatic error compensation for coloured or turbid samples, photometer function, checks of the luminescent bacteria.
Suitable for:
Sewage treatment plants: Controlling and monitoring continuous flows, indirect dischargers and batch delivery, balancing purification performance.
Cooling water: Monitoring compliance with legal requirements, cutting down the amounts of biocides used.
Landfill leachate: Monitoring for compliance with legal requirements.
Rinsing water from returnable containers: Monitoring cleaning agents and pollutants.
Fire-fighting water: Rapid evaluation of hazards during major emergencies.
Product testing: Determination of ecological data.
Water hazard classes: Determination of bacterial toxicity.
Contaminated sites: Demarcating polluted areas with the help of aqueous sample eluates; defining soil restoration objectives; documentation of restoration measures.

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